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  澳大利亚签�申请的体检表(表26)[Medical examination for an Australian visa (Form26)]


   艾滋病病毒检验[HIV testing]

  1.永久进入申请[Permanent entry]——所有大�15�(包括15�)的申请永久进入澳大利亚的人都必须��艾滋病病毒检验,如��到15�的永久进入澳大利亚的申请人是被收养�输过血或者有其他临床表�的,也必须��检查。

  2.暂时进入申请[Temporary entry]——对�暂时进入澳大利亚的申请人没有正�的��检查的�求,但是特殊群体除外(根�部门的建议手册,�能有所改�),或者医生��有�些迹象表�需�检查。

  海外申请人[Overseas applicants]


   体检所��带的物�:[What to bring to the examination]

  1.有效护照[valid passport];

  2。定制的框�眼�或者�形眼镜(如�需�的�)[ any prescription spectacles or contact lenses that you may wear];

  3.如�已知有疾病,请带上�有的专家报告[Where you have a known medical condition,any existing specialist reports]。

  对�女性[For women]


   关�该表�供的信�[About the information you give in this form]


  表格第一页照片左边由医生填写,就是护照�[passport number];照片下边的部分,自己填写;你的全�(�护照上一致)[Your full name(as it appears in your passport)]:

  1.姓:[Family name];

  2.�:[Given name];


  4.出生日期[Date of birth]:日[DAY]�月[MONTH],年[YEAR]。

  如何完�此表[ How to complete this form]


  ☆请在�加体检之�,完�上边表格中个人信�部分,以�表格的A和D部分[Complete personal details above,Parts A and D before attending the medical examination];

  ☆请在医生在场的情况下,完�表格的B部分[Complete Part B in the presence of the examining doctor];

  体检医生[Medical Examiner]





  �血液检查的人员[Person taking blood]


  官方使用[Office use only]

  A部分——申请人的详细资料[ Part A-Applicant’s details]请申请人在�加体检之�完�该部分;请用钢笔,并用英语的大写字�清晰填写。[To be completed by the applicant before attending the medical examination。 Please use a pen and write neatly in English using BLOCK LETTERS。]

  1.全�[Your full name]�姓[Family name]��[Given name];

  2。 ��[Your residential address]�邮编[postcode];

  3。 白天的�系电�[Daytime telephone number]�国家代�[country code]�地区代�(区�)[area code]���[number];

  4。 性别[Sex]�男[Male]�女[Female];

  5。 出生日期[ Date of birth]�日[DAY]�月[MONTH]�年[YEAR];

  6。 在澳大利亚计划的工作或活动(大概��就是�干什么)[intended occupation/activity in Australia];

  7。 最近5年的工作是什么(就是说以�是干什么的)[previous occupations in the last 5 years];

  8。 最近的5年你在哪个国家居�[countries in which you have lived in the last 5 years];

  9。 如�你在澳大利亚居�:[if you live in Australia]:

  ☆你�了多久了[How long have been here?] 年[YEARS] 月[MONTHS];

  ☆你�在�有的是哪�签�[ what visa subclass do you currently hold];

  10。 你准备在澳大利亚逗留多长时间[ How long do you intend staying in Australia]:

  ☆永久[Permanently](包括�移民申请)[including non migrating applicant];

  ☆暂时[Temporarily]:多长时间?[For how long?] 年[YEARS]�月[MONTHS];

  11。 你申请哪�签�?[For which visa class are you applying?];

  12。 你是�已��移民局的相关�事处�出过申请? [Have you lodged an application at an office of the Department of immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs?]

  ☆没有[no] 你将�哪个�事处�出申请? [At which office do you intend to lodge an application?];

  ☆是的[yes] 哪个�事处?[which office?];

  13。 你是�是[Are you]:

  ☆被澳大利亚居民收养的儿童?[a child for adoption by an Australian resident?]

  ☆无监护人的难民儿童?[an unaccompanied minor refugee child?]

  ☆曾�居�过或者正在居�露�的难民?[a refugee who has lived or is living in a camp?]

  14。 在澳大利亚,你将会:[in Australia, will you be: ]

  ☆�加或者教�课程[attending or teaching classes?]

  ☆加入�康�护组织[involved in health care]

  ☆加入儿童�护或者孤儿救助[involved in childcare/creche?]

  15。 你是�曾�:[Have you EVER had]

  ☆动过手术[an operation];

  ☆因为�些�因而�院治疗[hospital treatment or been admitted to a hospital for any reason];

  ☆肺结核或者是�正常的胸�,咳血,或�触过肺结核病人[tuberculosis or an abnormal chest x-ray, or have you ever coughed up blood or had contact with a person with tuberculosis];

  ☆惊阙或癫痫[convulsions, fits or epilepsy];

  ☆焦虑,�抑,紧张为主述需�治疗[anxiety, depression or nervous complaints requiring treatment];

  ☆因为精�上的疾病需�入院治疗,或者�精�病医生[admission to a hospital for a psychological problem or consulted a psychiatrist];

  ☆高血�,心�病,喘�上气或者胸痛.[high blood pressure, heart trouble, breathlessness and/or chest pain?];

  ☆背部,颈部或关节疼痛[pain in back, neck or any joint];

  ☆胃疼,消化�良或者烧心[stomach pains, indigestion or heart burn];

  ☆得传染性疾病�续两个星期以上[an infectious disease lasting more than 2 weeks];

  ☆肾�或膀胱问题[kidney or bladder disease or complaint];

  ☆糖尿病或尿里�糖[diabetes or sugar in the urine];

  ☆任何疾病超过两个星期,或者以上未��的周期性疾病[any illness, injury or medical condition lasting more than 2 weeks,or a recurring condition not mentioned above];

  ☆最近5年内,任何内科的,外科的或精�上疾病的治疗[any medical, physical, psychological or other treatment in the last 5 years];

  16。 请�答以下问题:[please answer the following questions](任何�答�是�的问题,你都必须�供所有的详细相关�料,包括日期)

  ☆你是��正在�用�物,或者��治疗[are you taking any pills, medicine or having other treatment];

  ☆你是�曾���上瘾,或者�法�用毒�[have you ever been addicted to a drug or taken drugs illegally];

  ☆是�饮酒,饮多少[do you consume alcohol, how much?];

  ☆是�正在或者曾��烟,�多少[do you smoke, or have you ever smoked tobacco? How much?];

  ☆你是�有身体的或者智力的缺陷,会影�到你谋生或者生活自�[do you have any physical or mental disabilities which may affect your ability to earn a living or take full care of yourself];

  ☆是�因为医学的�因��抚�金[do you receive a pension for medical reasons];

  如�是的�,请给出详细诊断报告,抚�金的期�,最�被雇佣的日期,工作能力的�制和对未�的展望[give details of diagnosis,duration of pension,date last employed,restrictions on ability to work and outlook for the future]。

  17。 女性申请人[For female applicants]:

  ☆你是�怀孕?[are you pregnant?];


  ☆是[Yes],预产期是什么时候?[What is the expected due date?];


  ☆有何妊娠并�症�?[Have there been any complications with this pregnancy];


  ☆是[Yes]如�有,请给出详细情况[Give details]。

  B部分—申请人的声�(Part B—Applicant’s declaration):

  请在体检医生在场的情况下签�和日期[To be signed and dated by the applicant in the presence of the examining doctor]。


  18.我申�我在该表格�供的信�是真�的。[I declare that the information I have provided on this form is correct。]

  ☆申请人签字[Applicant’s signature];


  ☆父�或监护人的姓�[Name of parent or guardian];

  ☆�申请人的关系[ Relationship to applicant]。

  C部分—体检医生的检查结�[Part C—Examining doctor’s findings]:

  体检医生的�责是根�以下问题,对澳大利亚签�申请人进行体检并填写这份表格中关�申请人的�康状况部分,�有相关的澳大利亚官方��机��有���或者决定申请人的�康状况是�符�澳大利亚的入境�件。 1 2 3 下一页 尾页